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Company background

Lok ‘N Store is a self-storage company based in the south of England, offering services to those in London and nearby areas. It is one of the smaller chains of self-storage providers in the UK with 26 locations. The company was established in 1995, making it one of the oldest in the UK. The company has a simple ethos, provide value and do it in a friendly way. Customers receive lots of extra perks from Lok n Store, so if you’re in the South East they have their benefits.


The individual renting the self-storage space is the only one who holds a key to the unit. Lok ‘N Store maintains this policy to give customers’ complete peace of mind that no staff members will have access to their goods.  All premises are monitored by 24 hour CCTV and centres are alarmed out of hours.

Access Times

Lok ‘N Store locations are open with extended business hours on Monday to Friday. Saturday’s opening hours are slightly shorter in-line with normal business hours. Locations are open on a Sunday but this is with reduced hours from later morning to mid-afternoon.

Contract Length & Flexibility

There is no minimum contract length, Lok ‘N Store does require a 7 day notice period when moving out though. This means that at any time you will have to still pay 7 days rates if you decide to move out.