Need help finding the best storage prices? Find a comparison on the 6 largest storage companies in the UK here! Use the table below to find the right self-storage provider at the right price.

  Lock Provided Introductory Discount 7 Day Acess 24 Hr CCTV # of Stores Full Details
SafeStore 134 GO
Big Yellow 73 GO
Access 52 GO
Shurgard 26 GO
Lok’N’Store 25 GO
Storage King 24 GO

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What Should I Pay for Self-Storage?

When looking at costs for self-storage, prices should come in the following range (as an industry standard). Prices will change from location to location, depending on cost of living and demand:

25 sq ft unit: £45‒£55 per month
50 sq ft unit: £80‒£85 per month
100 sq ft unit: £140‒£150 per month
150 sq ft unit: £190‒£200 per month

Factors which effect the cost of self-storage rental include:

Location City centre storage (London in particular) tends to be more expensive.
Storage Facility Type Purpose built, warehouse conversion or containers under cover.
Security & Accssibility 24/7, manned or CCTV.

Special Deals & Bonuses

Storage companies occasionally put on offers and discounts for customers, so keep an eye out for these:

Free van rental Some large national storage companies offer free van rental, or repayment of van rental charges, if you rent certain size units over a specific length of time. This can instantly save storage customers around £100 or more after storage costs.

Discounted storage/packing supplies Storage firms offer as much as 20%-40% discount which can also help save money.

2 months free self-storage Some storage unit companies offer the first 2 months either free or at a 50% discount to remain competitive.

Discounted storage insurance Larger chains of consumer and business storage can have partnerships with insurance firms to offer discounted rates to their customers.